Vendor Guidelines


The festival grounds will once again be located on the lush park grounds of Discovery Meadow, a
part of the Guadalupe River Parks & Trail. The event site is in downtown San Jose on the corner of
San Carlos Street and Woz Way.

Vendor Schedule

San Jose Pride operates this year as a single day festival running August 17th. The park grounds will be
open to the public Sunday from 10 AM to 7 PM. End or load-in and tear down schedules will be provided
in advance of the festival.


The 2014 theme of Silicon Valley Pride is “Honoring Our Past…Securing Our Future”.
All vendors, volunteers, patrons and entertainers are encouraged to showcase this throughout all
aspects of the event. This includes pre- event marketing, on-site or anywhere visible to the public.

2014 Festival Highlights

  • New layout designs introduced to encourage more engaging patron flow to all vendors and anchored

  • entertainment at the festival.

  • Expanded marketing strategies are in place this year to develop our outreach to all 15 Cities and

  • Towns of Santa Clara County.

  • Beverage booths will be placed in the festival grounds for gathering points and special featured

  • product sales.

  • Entertainment and stage areas will reflect our diverse, local community


To apply for a booth space, fill out the Booth Application form found online at our website. Late applications
will be considered only if space is available. You may pay by check or credit card.

For your convenience you may shop online at our website and pay for the shopping cart with your credit card. Please log onto and click on Vendor Application Form under the Pride
Festival 2014 drop-down.

Applications are only valid upon receipt of payment in full for the space. Vendors are not permitted to
share space without expressed approval of the Festival Director. Priority booth placement will be assigned
on a First-Come, First-Served basis.

Electricity and Lighting

There is no electrical power at any of the booth spaces. Limited additional electricity is available
only if ordered on your booth application and approved by the festival director. Generators are
not permitted!

Booth Structures

All booth structures, including tents, must be provided through Silicon Valley Pride Vendors can order a structure on the registration form. This is an effort to keep the look and feel of the festival consistent throughout. Tables and chairs will be available for rental as well, however vendors are allowed to bring in these items. If you require your own structure, please contact us to discuss prior to submitting your application.

Photos Requirements of Goods

Artisan and business/commercial booths must submit several color photos of booth with sellables on display. Food booths must submit a menu with pricing. Physical or electronic formats are accepted. Festival management will be auditing goods sold to ensure compliance.

Liability Insurance

Vendors who carry general liability insurance need to submit a Certificate of Insurance naming the following: Silicon Valley Pride and their respective agents, employees, volunteers, and board of directors and City of San Jose, as additional insured in the amount of one million dollars. Those without insurance will be required to sign a waiver. All food vendors must carry insurance.


Each participant is responsible for the condition of their space during and after the event. All
participants may be held financially accountable for damage done to space and/or rented
equipment; and leaving a large amount of trash behind.


Any and all sunglass sales are considered to be a business/ commercial vendor. Sunglass booths
will be limited. The addition of, or solicitation of non pre-approved sunglasses will result in asking

Health Regulations

Health Permits are required for all food/concessions. Restaurant and
other event permits are not valid for
this festival. You may obtain a
health permit from the Santa Clara
County Health Department. You
must follow all Health Department
rules and regulations. Failure to
comply will result in asking you to
leave the festival.

Menu Items

Only items pre--approved by Silicon
Valley Pride may be sold. Please submit
your menu and prices with your
booth application. Presence of nonapproved
items may result in asking
you to leave the festival. No
beverages may be sold.

Permits and Licenses

All participants shall supply their
own permits and licenses, valid
auto insurance and liability insurance.
A copy of these permits
and licenses shall be submitted
with the booth application. All
sellers must possess a resale
number, collect taxes and be
responsible for all their own
sales and collections. Applications
are not complete without a
copy of your seller’s permit.


Only items pre--approved by Silicon
Valley Pride may be sold at
the festival. This includes nonprofit
organizations. All sellers must have
a valid/current seller’s permit with
the State of California’s Board of
Equalization. Violators are subject
to removal from the festival. Booth
space may not be assigned, sold,
traded or shared without previous
arrangement. Anyone selling
items that do not match your description
listed on your application
will be asked to leave the festival
without a refund. Only food vendors
are permitted to sell or distribute
food products or beverages, including water.


Silicon Valley Pride shall provide one
10’ by 10’ health department approved
food booth and front counter.
Participants must use booth materials
that are San Jose Fire Department/Health
Department approved.
Participants need to provide
their own flooring, supplies, resale
licenses and everything necessary
for their sales, including workers’
compensation and valid auto
insurance. You must bring your own
water, however Silicon Valley pride will provide disposal tanks.

Pricing and Tickets

Silicon Valley Pride will sell tickets for
purchasing alcoholic beverages
and rides. Tickets are $7. Accepting
cash for any other reason is expected.

Food Vendor and Food Truck pricing
has changed this year. We no longer
require 20% of proceeds be donated
to Silicon Valley Pride and we
no longer require tickets to purchase
food products. Food vendors may
accept cash or credit directly. However,
as a result, we found it necessary
to increase the cost of the
amount of space occupied. Please
inquire for this year’s price structure.
Send inquiries to

Disclaimer & Indemnification

The GPCCSJ, Inc., any of their contracted vendors, their employees, and board members shall not be held responsible for
any depreciation or loss of any kind, including theft, physical violence, elements of nature or other causes, however they may originate. Silicon Valley Pride will supply night security, the participants may, at their own expense employ additional watch persons, with the approval of Silicon Valley Pride and shall work under the direction of Silicon Valley Pride hired security.


Only those services you described on your application may be promoted at your booth. Solicitations of non pre- approved
services may result in asking you to leave the festival.


Unless otherwise authorized, Silicon Valley Pride reserves the exclusive rights to the use of its names, logos, themes, and symbols


Unless otherwise authorized, Silicon Valley Pride does not permit within the festival boundaries any distribution of printed materials, samplings, hawking, panhandling or soliciting.


In order to qualify for a refund, cancellation request must be in writing by July 30, 2014. There will be no refunds for cancellations
after that date. Rejected applications will have their payments refunded no later than August 1, 2014. There is no rain date scheduled for this event.


Easy Ways To Apply

1. Online:

2. Mail: Silicon Valley Pride
            C/O SV Pride Vendor Application
            1346 The Alameda
            Suite 7, PMB 108
            San Jose, CA. 95126

3. Email:

Silicon Valley Pride

1346 The Alameda,

Suite 7,

San Jose, CA 95126

Phone. 408-780-1346