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About Thaddeus Campbell, CEO


Been with Silicon Valley Pride: six years. 

Board member: five years. 

Why I Volunteer:

This is my fifth year with Silicon Valley Pride and fourth year as President - CEO.   Five years ago, I was sitting in a bar complaining about Pride and grousing about many things Pride related. The bartender leaned over and said, "stop complaining and join the Board and do something about it.”  Well, here I sit, working in collaboration with a fantastic team!


So for everyone else that find themselves complaining or not satisfied with how Pride is moving forward, JOIN AND VOLUNTEER!  Bring it!


About Me:

I was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. Attended Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter Minnesota and attended Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass.  I met my husband 37 years ago in Minneapolis and moved to San Jose in 1984, with a brief 1 year stay in Singapore.   I am currently employed by Twitter.


Ask Me About:

Computer programming, Quality Assurance, Open heart surgery, how I felt after performing my first medical rounds and first autopsy while at Harvard.


My Hopes:

To transform Silicon Valley Pride into THE high-tech festival in the entire country.  I will continue working towards that goal. 

Reach out to me: 

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