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Chris Lam-Benigno
Chief Hospitality Officer


Been with Silicon Valley Pride: one year. 

Board member: less than one year. 

Why I Volunteer:

I volunteer for Silicon Valley PRIDE because I want to take on the opportunity to be more immersed in my community. Stepping out of my comfort zone to learn, grow and be amongst the leaders and collaborators who have helped provide safe spaces and events for our local LGBTQ+ youth and family members. I first volunteered for Silicon Valley PRIDE in 2021, as the world was slowly recovering from the pandemic. Since then, I have fallen more and more in love with this community each year. I look forward to sharing some of my professional experience to help continue and support the growth of the organization. We must continue to work together and find new ways to keep our community alive and strong. 

About Me:

I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA and moved to the South Bay to attend San Jose State University, where I first really got to immerse myself with the people of San Jose. My support system continues to be my husband and our close friends and family members. Both my husband and I are proud to represent the growing indestructible, Asian and Pacific Islander community both locally and all across the nation. I am truly grateful to be able to take this next step in my life and be a possible resource for the next generation of youth in our community. 

Ask Me About:

Theatrical live entertainment, Nickelodeon, cleaning, organized chaos, being an introvert, my journey being gay, and pretty much anything else you are curious about.


My Hopes:

My hope is that Silicon Valley PRIDE will grow to be the LOUD and BOLD organization that we must be for our community. To be able to collaborate with neighboring organizations and corporate leaders in order to elevate our event experiences.

Reach Out to Me:  

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