Jeffrey Ridley

Chief Operations Officer


Been with Silicon Valley Pride: two years. 

Board member: since May, 2020

Why I Volunteer:

I started with Pride as a way to give back to the community and regain a sense of contribution.  I continue with Pride in order to help grow the queer community here in Silicon Valley and because of the all the opportunities it gives me to meet great people and have fun! 

About Me:

While not a native, I’ve been in the south bay long enough to think of it as home.  I work in tech and have done development, product marketing and management.  I love to create things whether it is a new event for Pride, a personal project, or a solution  for work.  In addition  to Pride, I also volunteer with the HRC’s Silicon Valley committee.

Ask Me About:

Upcoming events at Pride, the last movie/series I watched, a recent good book, history, or my favorite cocktail bars.


My Hopes:

I would like to see the queer community in the south bay grow stronger and broader.  To become active and vibrant offering community members the opportunity to have fun, get smarter, engage in the cause, and put their phone down for a bit.  And as we do this, to help the community as a whole become more open and accepting.

Reach Out to Me: