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Bianca Tonantzin Zamora
Chief Community Engagement Officer


Been with Silicon Valley Pride: one year. 

Board member: less than one year. 

Why I Volunteer:

Growing up as a queer Latina, I didn’t know it was a possibility to exist and it wasn’t until I was 18 years old when I read Gloria Anzaldua’s book, “Borderlands,” that I saw my story and identities represented. My dream is that Queer and Trans communities always know their power. I have engaged in LGBTQ+, anti-racist, and gender rights advocacy for over 11 years because I see the impact of community-based organizing. Silicon Valley Pride creates avenues for change, love, and well-being for queer and trans communities–and it is a gift to build with passionate activist trailblazers! 

About Me:

As a proud Queer Latina Feminista, social justice advocate, and poet, I believe in uplifting spaces for dance, joy, and intersectional activism. In my professional role, I serve as the lead strategist for DEI staff initiatives for Stanford University's School of Humanities and Sciences. This includes developing the vision and strategic plan, overseeing training, informing policies, and working with managers and staff to create a culture of inclusion. I also lead national diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops by utilizing intersectional and arts-based approaches to explore identities and inclusive practices. I was recognized as a national Latinx LGBTQ+ Honor 41 recipient and have performed with organizations including: Monterey Peninsula Pride, Women's March, Latina Leadership Gala, Sonoma State University Queer Lecture Series, Women's Global Leadership Initiative, University of South Carolina, and LGBTQ+ Latinx Film Festival. I received a Bachelor of Arts with distinction from Sonoma State University in Women's and Gender Studies and a Master of Science from Miami University in Student Affairs with Diversity & Equity.

Ask Me About:

I am a self-care and affirmations queen! If you are interested in home decor, hot yoga, self-love, healthy-delicious recipes, poetry, feminism, social justice improv, arts-based work, intersectional advocacy, and inclusion–count on me as your cheerleader!


My Hopes:

 I am an advocate for intersectional advocacy and community programming. I hope to continue the liberatory work of Queer and Trans trailblazers by centering and uplifting the brilliance of communities who have been historically marginalized. Like Micah Bazant writes, “No pride for some of us, without liberation for all of us”. Queer and Trans communities are brilliant, powerful, needed, and unarguably magical– I want ALL OF US to celebrate, live, and dance in our joy! 

Reach Out to Me: 

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