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Silicon Valley PRIDE holds various events throughout the year as well as participating with a diverse set of LGBTQ+ organizations throughout Silicon Valley.


Please come join us at one of our many events coming up. Subscribe to our page to get future updates! 

Interested in subscribing to our events directly in Google Calendar and have them added automatically?

To do so, see instructions at this link on a computer (will not work to subscribe using mobile):

Add a Public Google Calendar

See "Use a link to add a public calendar" section.

Screenshot 2022-08-02 170717.png

Use this link in the "From URL" spot:

By using this link, you give Silicon Valley PRIDE permission to show events on your Google Calendar as well as any future events that are added (this link will automatically add our future events to your calendar). You can remove this feature at anytime from Google Calendar by changing the settings in your calendar.

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