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Jerry Mai
Chief Logistics Officer


Been with Silicon Valley Pride: one year. 

Board member: less than one year. 

Why I Volunteer:

 I volunteer because it gives me a great sense of unity being able to connect with our community.  My upbringing has been shaped by societal expectations that often come within the traditional Asian cultures. My sexual identity has been a source of internal conflict, as traditional Asian values emphasize heterosexuality and marriage to continue the family line. The pressure to conform to these expectations can be overwhelming, which can often lead to feelings of isolation and self-doubt. However, my experiences have also taught me to be resilient and to find support from within my community. As a result, I have become more vocal about my identity and have found solace in connecting with others who share similar struggles. My journey has also taught me the importance of challenging social norms and advocating for greater acceptance and understanding of diverse sexual orientations and identities.

About Me:

Born and proudly raised in San Jose, I know firsthand the needs of the south bay community. Previously, I served as a Committee Chair for the San Francisco Bay Area region of the Human Rights Campaign; I bring to our team an extensive background in LGBTQ+ advocacy with other organizations such as Equality Texas, The Trevor Project, and San Diego PRIDE.


Professionally, I work in the public safety sector as a Deputy Investigator for the City & County of San Francisco’s Dept of Animal Care & Control. Outside of volunteering and work, I enjoy traveling, trying new restaurants and collecting shoes.

Ask Me About:

Animals, trains, getting involved, action movies, and the in-and-outs of common operations. 


My Hopes:

I hope  to continue to create a safe space for our LGBTQ+ youth to live their authentic self. I want to work with our community toward achieving fundamental fairness and equality for all one day at a time. 

Reach Out to Me:  

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