The scholarship was created in order to honor the memory of Silicon Valley PRIDE's late Chief Executive Officer, Thaddeus Orlando Campbell. His amazing life and ability to bring the Silicon Valley community together to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride each year was an amazing feat. With his charismatic character and his "can do" attitude, Thaddeus transformed Silicon Valley PRIDE into the amazing celebration it is today. We hope that this scholarship will continue to empower students in their growth and development as they become future leaders, giving back to the communities they serve. By coming together, celebrating our diversity, and making connections, the world becomes a more inclusive place. 

Thaddeus Orlando Campbell

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Scholarship Fund


In honor of the passing of late Silicon Valley PRIDE President, Thaddeus Orlando Campbell, the Board of Silicon Valley PRIDE would like to commemorate his contributions to the LGBTQ+ community by offering a scholarship fund in his name.


The scholarship money will be awarded to selected LGBTQ+ students who have exhibited an aptitude for their educational needs as well as contributions to their communities.


 Applicants are expected to address as much of the following criteria as possible:​​

  • Identifies as an out and visible member of the LGBTQ+ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and/or any diverse identities and orientations within the LGBTQ+ spectrum).

  • Ages 18 years old and up.

  • Plans to or is currently pursuing a two or four year college degree for the first time.

  • Resides or attends a high school or college in the bay area in California.

  • Has completed, or is expecting to complete, high school or equivalent schooling.


The winners will be selected by the board and entitled to the following scholarship funds: 
One (1) First Place Scholarship: $3,000
One (1) Second Place Scholarship: $2,000
Three (3) Third Place Scholarships: $1,000 


Submissions must be done via the link below. The use of a desktop computer is strongly encourage when submitting your application. Any submissions given in any other format (other then through the form at the link below) will not be considered as accepted.


As part of this process, the following information will be required: ​​

Essay (less than 10,000 characters) which should address the following topics:

“Why are you the right person to receive this scholarship, and how will the scholarship assist you in completing your educational goals?”

When answering this question, be sure to include:

  • Some basic background information about yourself.

  • Your contributions (if any) to the LGBTQ+ community, other nonprofit causes and/or to your community.

  • OPTIONAL: Video link or video file via YouTube. Should be posted to YouTube and available, publicly, to anyone to view. 

    • Should not exceed 5 minutes. 


  • Emphasis will be placed upon the following items when reviewing the application: 

    • Academic achievement 

    • Volunteer activity

    • Strong sense of leadership

    • Ability to overcome adversity

    • Adaptability to learn and grow

    • Examples of service to local and surrounding LGBTQ+ communities

    • Focuses on the intersectionality of social and racial inequities.

  • Silicon Valley PRIDE board members, their family members, employees, and contractors are not eligible for the scholarship. 

  • Personal information collected as part of the application process will become the property of Silicon Valley PRIDE (a 501(c)3 non-profit), will be kept confidential and will only be used by the Scholarship Committee and the board of Silicon Valley PRIDE for purposes of evaluating applicants. 

  • Only one submission per person allowed. 

  • Changes may be made to the application up until submission but must be submitted by the deadline noted below. Once submitted, applications cannot be changed unless rejected and notified as such. 

  • Silicon Valley PRIDE reserves the right to change, alter or cancel the scholarship at any time for any reason up until awards are granted. 

  • Agree that the scholarship funds are to be spent only on tuition, fees and/or supplies.



Submissions must be done by 11:59PM, PST, October 11, 2020 via the link noted below. 

Selected award recipients will be notified via e-mail by November 8, 2020. 


The winners will be awarded at a special Silicon Valley PRIDE Event on December 5, 2020. The first place winner should be prepared to give a short speech about themselves and their educational goals at the event. The winners will also be posted on the Silicon valley PRIDE's website and social media outlets.

The scholarship is closed until 2021.

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