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Silicon Valley Pride’s

48th Annual Parade 

Market Street and E. Julian Street

Downtown San Jose

Parade | Sunday, August 27, 2023 | 10:30 am to 12 pm

Please read these instructions in there entirety.

We recommend that you share these instructions with everyone in your contingent and whoever will be participating in the parade.

Staging Number.png


  • The assembly area is located on E. Julian Street between N. San Pedro Avenue and North 1st Street in downtown San Jose (see map above). Please organize your marchers on the sidewalks whenever possible and attempt to keep the center street clear at all times. Police and fire department traffic lanes must be kept open at all times. The law forbids parking vehicles, decorating units, practicing marching routines and/or forming a waiting group in these lanes.

  • You will be assigned your check in time and location 3 days prior. Please go to the registration table located at the intersection of E. Julian Street and Market Street on Sunday, August 27 , 2023. All units must be in their assigned lineup position by 10:00 AM.

  • Late arrivals may be re-positioned at the end of the parade. Silicon Valley Pride requests that all participating units reflect the theme of this year’s celebration,” LIVE OUT PROUD!” and do so in a tasteful and acceptable manner.


  • On the North East corner of Market Street and E. Julian Street. Getting to the Assembly Area:

We recommend public transportation to the assembly area. Parking within the assembly area is not allowed. There is ample parking in downtown San Jose. The Market & San Pedro Square Parking garage (45 N San Pedro St, San Jose, CA 95113) will be open to the public for parking. You must enter the garage from the N. San Pedro Street entrance.


  • We ask that all assembled groups within the area do sound checks at a minimal or soft level until you are entering the parade route. This will allow for Silicon Valley Pride and others to communicate information to different groups as needed. Once you enter the parade, you can put on any volume of music you want.

  • Groups wishing to set up a table or coordinate activities before the parade are encouraged to do so.

  • We encourage groups to coordinate their meeting spot within the area as they see fit but Silicon Valley Pride will not be held responsible for items that are brought into the staging or parade areas. We therefore encourage you to not leave valuables or other items in the staging area.


Portable toilets: portable toilets will be available and located at Market and E. Julian Street intersection.


Parade flow and delays: Contingents will enter the Parade route in the order as specified by the parade coordinator. We will attempt to keep the parade flowing and moving; however, delays are sometimes unavoidable.


The parade will kick off at 10:30AM sharp with the first contingents. The rest of the parade will follow on S. Market Street, from E. Julian Street down S. Market Street to S. Market Street and W. San Fernando St. A map is included below for your convenience.


We recommend public transportation to the assembly area. For more information and a personalized trip plan, visit Ride-sharing applications such as Lyft are also encouraged. Parking within the assembly area is not allowed.


There is also ample parking in downtown San Jose. The Market & San Pedro Square Parking garage (45 N San Pedro St, San Jose, CA 95113) will be open to the public for parking. You must enter the garage from the N. San Pedro Street entrance.


The parade will end at S. Market Street and W. San Fernando St.


Proceed straight ahead on S. Market Street into the Plaza de Cesar Chavez park. Ten wristbands for entrance will be provided to your group as a parade contingent for free entrance on the Sunday Day Festival. Extra wristbands can be purchased at the festival entrance gate.


  • ALL Amplified sound must be turned OFF at the end of the parade.

  • All vehicles turn right onto W. San Fernando St.

  • Follow instructions from staff and volunteers about disembarking/disassembling your float.


  • A licensed driver must operate vehicles at all times.

  • The vehicles registration, insurance card, and rental agreement (if applicable) should be available for inspection at any time.

  • The driver will need to show a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

  • Any motorized unit which becomes disabled and delays the parade will be removed from the route by Silicon Valley Pride. Towing expenses for any unit that breaks down will be at the applicant’s expense.

  • Speed shall not exceed 5 MPH, unless directed by Parade, Safety, Medical or the Police.

  • NO STUNT DRIVING IS ALLOWED, and no figure eights or looping.

  • Wheel monitor: a wheel monitor is required for each axle of your vehicle. This person is required to monitor the front or back of the vehicle and ensure the safety of guests and others at the event.


  • Maximum Dimensions of Vehicle(s):

    • Height: 25 feet

    • Length: 40 feet

    • Width: 100 inches (including rails)

  • Floats must have a minimum of one fire extinguisher (2A10BC) on board which is required by the San Jose Fire Department.

  • By city regulations you must also have a fire retardant or non-combustible material for your entry.

  • Silicon Valley Pride reserves the right to remove anything or person from a float or vehicular unit which it determines to be overcrowded to such an extent that the unit may break down or cause injury to participants.


We encourage you to share these instructions with your contingent group and review it carefully. It is your responsibility to share these instructions with your group and ensure they are distributed and have been reviewed.


  • Alcohol or mind-altering substances cannot be consumed or distributed in the Parade or in the staging area.

  • Nothing may be thrown into the crowd. Your contingent can hand out items to the crowd.

  • All applicants are responsible for any and all acts and/or omissions on their part, or on the part of their agents and/or employees, which may result in injury or damage to themselves or third parties. Applicant specifically agrees to hold Silicon Valley Pride free and harmless from any and all claims arising out of any such act or omission.

  • All entries are required to abide by the rules and regulations as established by Silicon Valley Pride, the city of San Jose, and the state of California. Violators are subject to citation and/or possible removal from the parade.

  • Service animals and other animals are encouraged to attend but are the responsibility of the owner. Animals should always be leashed and under the control of the owner at all times. Dog defecation must be cleaned up by the owner and properly disposed of in the garbage per City regulations.

  • Please remember to abide by the terms and conditions of being a parade participant which is available at


  • Because of warm weather, we encourage all parade participants to bring plenty of water, head covering, sunscreen and other items to protect yourself from the sun. 


  • Please direct all questions pertaining to the information on this parade page to


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